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Top Emergency, Disaster and Crisis Survival Resources

Emergency, Disaster and Crisis Resources 
- Websites and Resources for Preparing People and Businesses for Survival


In any Crisis, Emergency, Disaster or catastrophe like the recent
events of the global Coronavirus Epidemic. It is important to know
the resources and services available to us. Here is a important list of
resources that could be informative and helpful during times.

This list will have updates and if you would like to
add resources send us your Resource via our Contact Us form.  

In the event of a disaster remember to check these official emergency,
crisis and disaster resources first. 

General Emergency, Disaster or Crisis Resources _________________________ 

American Redcross

American Redcross Blood Donations

American Redcros Emergency Preparedness App

Fema - Federal Emergency Management Agency

CDC – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Homeland Security


Food and Water Guidelines from the CDC

Canada Redcross

Canada Preparedness

Emergency Checklist   __________________________________________________ 

Redcross Emergency Preparedness Checklist

General Emergency Supplies Checklist

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for your Home



Corona Virus Epidemic Resources __________________________________________________ 

--- Cononavirus Statistics Worldwide and USA State by State

--- CoronaVirus Authorities Center for Disease Control

     CDC Resources

     John Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center

     US Government Resources from Benefits.Gov
     Unemployment, Healthcare, Business, Help during the Coronavirus

--- What we can do to Help ___________________________________

--- Shared by Amy Neumann on Twitter 
      Amy is a Social Impact Influencer and Author of Simple Acts to #ChangetheWorld

       - Matching Gifts and COVID-19: How Companies are Responding

      - Coronavirus quarantine: 100 things to do while trapped inside

     Coronavirus Safety Tips - Protecting Yourself

---Top Resource Sites with LIST of Resources

      Google Covid19

--- CoronaVirus Sites Created by Hospitals

--- Resources for Families in Coronavirus Pandemic

--- Business Resources During the CoronaVirus 

    Here are some additional resources and ideas how to help your business and employees
    during this Corona Virus outbreak and for any future business crisis.

--- Small Business Administration Loan Resources during Coronavirus 

--- Emergency Funding for Businesses Hurt by the Coronavirus

 --- Is Your Small Business Coronavirus Ready? by Catherine Tansey

--- USA Today - 5 Things a Small Business Can Do to Help with CoronaVirus Fears

--- - How Businesses Should Handle the Coronavirus Outbreak

--- - How to protect your small business in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak


--- Current Coronavirus Statistics 2020 ________________________________________

    Most current site on live statistics of the effected and deaths on the Coronavirus Pandemic

--- Articles for Business Building Ideas  ________________________________________
- Even if your business is temporarily closed you can still list your business online in preparation for when you are open again. 

- Free Online Business, Content and Social Media Marketing System. > 
--- 4 Things A Business Can Do To Maintain Or Grow During The Coronavirus Crisis
 --- One of Kind Business, Content & Social Media Marketing Platform and System with a Revenue Stream



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